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Планируете строительство микро, мини или малой гидроэлектростанции?

Путь к реализации гидроэлектростанции с гидро турбиной может быть сложным и запутанным, но с нами вы можете ни о чем не беспокоится. С нашими услугами вы обязательно достигнете своей цели. SIAPRO со своей командой инженеров проектирует гидроэлектростанции, консультирует, получает согласования и разрешения. Помимо турбин Pelton, Francis и Kaplan мы также поставляем гидромеханическое и электрооборудование. Мы можем обеспечить строительные работы микро, мини или малых гидроэлектростанций.
Свяжитесь с нами для получения дополнительной информации
- hydro@siapro.si.

ВИДЕО - Проекты под ключ     ВИДЕО - Гидротурбины     ВИДЕО - Презентация компании

Мы выполняем инжениринг проектов
и проекты «под ключ».

У нас есть обширные знания, основанные на 25-летнем опыте работы в области энергетики. Наши проекты выделяются качеством, а решения являются отражением многолетнего опыта.

pdfA3_SIAPRO_гидроэлектростанций_Hydro_Power_Plants_rus_2019_distribution (.pdf 5.6MB)


ВИДЕО ролик-mHE, турбина Kaplan


The 6th Siapro Conference was an opportunity to meet with a variety of experts

The Siapro conference is a two-day meeting of employees with closer business partners. The aim of the conference is to create an environment for sales and technical experts and decision-makers by exchanging ideas, good practices and experiences, as do presenting Siapro's achievements. This year's conference was attended by 24 business partners and sales agents from a total of 12 countries. We also presented achievements in the field of production and sale of hydroelectric power plants.
In Siapro conference 2022 we have chosen the slogan "Focus on a green future". This year we realized the purchase of the company Strojrem from Croatia and thus tripled the number of employees. The Siapro sales program now includes, in addition to hydroelectric power plants up to 10 MW, blasting machines and foundry equipment, conveyors and various equipment for automation, robotization and digitalization of production.

We enrich the good atmosphere by visiting local attractions, which foreign guests are usually enthusiastic about. This time we visited Bled with Bled Castle, one of the pearls of Slovenia.

This year's meeting at the Siapro Conference 2022 was certainly a good basis for future decisions in the sale of our equipment to global markets. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss current issues and innovative technologies of the future.


Press release - Capacity enlargement - Takeover of company Strojrem d.o.o. - Croatia

Siapro d.o.o. has now over 65 highly professional employees and has now 3,860 m2 of covered production areas, which allows us to at least double production capacity in 2023.

SIAPRO d.o.o. is an internationally recognized company. We have been present on the market since 1993. Next year we will celebrate 30 years of operation. Due to the expansion of our business, we realized an investment worth more than EUR 2 million this year and took an important step in the further development of the company. We bought the company Strojrem from Croatia and provide additional production facilities:
- 2,600 m2 of additional covered production space,
- 4,200 m2 of additional space for further expansion of production,
- 50 additional highly professional employees (expanding Siapro team to 78 people). Finally, we reached target to have enough skilled designers to continue work on permanent products development.

Company Strojrem has been operating successfully on the market for 31 years. In the field of mechanical engineering Siapro has been cooperating with Strojrem for 17 years, so many of our partners already know the company. With the purchase we upgraded our common knowledge and projects, which will enable our customers to provide even better service and even better quality of machinery and equipment.

The production of conveyors has so far been the main sales program of Strojrem. With the purchase, we expanded the sales program of technologies for the transport of sheet and bulky materials, as do conveyors in the recycling industry (transport, storage, dosing, crushing and separation of materials, loading of materials). We offer turn-key projects using 3D projection tools, production, installation, and service of equipment.
Transport solutions are used for biomass plants, alternative fuels and waste industry, agricultural products and cereals industry, cement production, plaster and lime production, foundries, metallurgy and mining solutions, port, and terminal solutions etc.

With new production capacities, with a strengthened professional engineering team, with offering innovative solutions and new technologies, with equipment 100% manufactured in the EU, we will be able to provide customers with additional high-quality standards for the entire Siapro sales program. Siapro's sales program includes also hydro power plants up to 10 MW.

The proximity of Zagreb Airport (50 min-drive) further improves the conditions for great communication with business partners and customers. With investment we enable expansion into new markets and further growth of our company and increase turnover of group.

Franci Jezeršek
General manager Siapro d.o.o.
Member of the Management board Strojrem d.o.o.

Video Strojrem

pdfPRESS RELEASE SIAPRO_Capacity enlargement_Takeover of Strojrem d.o.o._Croatia


Siapro hydro Francis compact turbine 220 KW ready for production

Francis turbine compact water power turbine, economical solution.


Hydro plant renovation after 90 years, with renewable energy through the past into the future

The time has come to renovate an old power plant. After rich 90 years of history, it is time to modernize and prepare for the next long period of successful operation.
In Siapro we offer different turnkey projects on renewable energy field.


Designing Francis turbine for turnkey project

Siapro hydro turbineTCF-840-190-750 at final stage of mechanical construction in 3D design.


Francis Turbine Siapro engineering rendering

If you add shading, colour, lamination to a 3D or also a 2D model with a computer software program you can get a nice life-like photorealistic image of a product. In our engineering process not joust we need to make graphic renders for our customers, we also like this work very much.

The end is always the same: a real hydro power plant in operation somewhere on the world. Check our references on our web page. Type in Google: hydroelectricity Siapro.Write us if you get any idea of cooperating with us.

SIAPRO d.o.o.
Постая, 9
5216, Мост на Сочи
Словения, Европа

Тел: +386 5 3841 632
Факс: +386 5 3841 630
E: hydro@siapro.si
W: www.siapro.eu

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