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Планируете строительство микро, мини или малой гидроэлектростанции?

Путь к реализации гидроэлектростанции с гидро турбиной может быть сложным и запутанным, но с нами вы можете ни о чем не беспокоится. С нашими услугами вы обязательно достигнете своей цели. SIAPRO со своей командой инженеров проектирует гидроэлектростанции, консультирует, получает согласования и разрешения. Помимо турбин Pelton, Francis и Kaplan мы также поставляем гидромеханическое и электрооборудование. Мы можем обеспечить строительные работы микро, мини или малых гидроэлектростанций.
Свяжитесь с нами для получения дополнительной информации
- hydro@siapro.si.

ВИДЕО - Проекты под ключ     ВИДЕО - Гидротурбины     ВИДЕО - Презентация компании

Мы выполняем инжениринг проектов
и проекты «под ключ».

У нас есть обширные знания, основанные на 25-летнем опыте работы в области энергетики. Наши проекты выделяются качеством, а решения являются отражением многолетнего опыта.

pdfA3_SIAPRO_гидроэлектростанций_Hydro_Power_Plants_rus_2019_distribution (.pdf 5.6MB)


ВИДЕО ролик-mHE, турбина Kaplan


Reconstrucuion of and old Pelton hydro power plant, renovation to maximaze power

BEFORE AND AFTER - Siapro hydro plant reconstruction. The projects consists of reconstruction of Pelton turbine with 2 runners and 2 nozzless finshed, new fully-automatisation and 2 nozles servo regulation, water level regulation, long distance control. With exchange of main valve we will get more flow and we expect cca 12-15% more power. Photos are from assembly and testing process.


Micro Kaplan turbine rotor testing for new hydro power plant and efficent streams and rivers use

We manufacture all kind of hydro power plants and equipment up to 10 MW. We have own design department and controled production in Europe. We sell our equipment around the globe. Chech also our videos on our you tube channel. VIDEO
We will be pleased to contact us about our equipment.


Siapro d.o.o. is certificated with standard ISO EN 3834-2:2021 for welding for area of Application: Manufacturing of steel structures, pipelines and pressure vessels

Standard is a prove for quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 2: Standard quality requirements.
ISO EN 3834-2:2021 is ensuring that Siapro products meet the necessary quality and safety criteria in manufacturing process with meal parts, resulting in improved equipment  and metal product quality, better customer satisfaction, and good market reputation.
Standard is also proving customers and partners continuous and annual reevaluation of quality requirements by certificated bureau. This standard is additional tool for use when ISO 9001 is applied.
pdfSIAPRO_Certficate_ISO_EN_3834_2 (.pdf 62KB)


Visitation of refurbished hydro power plant in Slovenia with Francis turbine

Old hydro turbine was replaced with one runner Francis turbine made by Siapro.  Power was increased to 500 kW with 2 turbines. We visited this renovated hydro power plant with our respected customer from Japan.


Visit of a valued customer from Japan to see the produced Francis hydroelectric power plant

It was a successful visit.
Photo: Siapro headquarters workshop with new Siapro Francis turbine


Inexpenisve small Cross-flow hydro turbine in Siapro production

Main benefits of Siapro Cross-flow turbine are:
1. Proven, inexpensive solution with low overall investment
2. Good regulation as well as excellent behaviour under partial loads
3. Increased efficiency
4. Minimal operational costs due to turbine’s relatively simple construction and self-cleaning effect
6. High profitability of the investment
7. Automation system with standard industrial components for high lifetime expectancy.

SIAPRO d.o.o.
Постая, 9
5216, Мост на Сочи
Словения, Европа

Тел: +386 5 3841 632
Факс: +386 5 3841 630
E: hydro@siapro.si
W: www.siapro.eu

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