Kaplan hydro turbines are designed with adjustable blades responding dynamically to the whims of water, optimizing energy extraction across varying conditions


Kaplan turbines are specifically designed for low to medium head hydropower installations, typically ranging from 10 to 70 meters (33 to 230 feet). These turbines are well-suited for sites with a moderate flow of water and a relatively low elevation drop. Kaplan turbines excel in locations where the water flow and head conditions vary, making them adaptable to a wide range of hydraulic conditions.
Their ability to efficiently operate under varying flow rates and heads makes Kaplan turbines particularly suitable for rivers and locations where water levels can fluctuate. The adjustable blades of Kaplan turbines allow for precise control and optimization of power generation, making them a preferred choice in situations where the hydraulic conditions are not constant.
In summary, Kaplan turbines are designed for sites with moderate head and variable flow conditions, showcasing their versatility in harnessing energy from rivers and water bodies with fluctuating water levels.
Contact Siapro and explore the tale of engineering triumph over nature's forces and the transformation of water's power into sustainable energy. As these turbines silently spin beneath the water's surface, they illuminate the world with greener energy solutions.
Photo: Siapro Kaplan hydro turbine designes, part of our turn key project
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