Siapro d.o.o. is certificated with standard ISO EN 3834-2:2021 for welding for area of Application: Manufacturing of steel structures, pipelines and pressure vessels


Standard is a prove for quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 2: Standard quality requirements.
ISO EN 3834-2:2021 is ensuring that Siapro products meet the necessary quality and safety criteria in manufacturing process with meal parts, resulting in improved equipment  and metal product quality, better customer satisfaction, and good market reputation.
Standard is also proving customers and partners continuous and annual reevaluation of quality requirements by certificated bureau. This standard is additional tool for use when ISO 9001 is applied.
pdfSIAPRO_Certficate_ISO_EN_3834_2 (.pdf 62KB)
SIAPRO d.o.o.
Постая, 9
5216, Мост на Сочи
Словения, Европа

Тел: +386 5 3841 632

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